how we do it ?

The Revtra Inc.'s primary services present option from traditional to online learning. Both present their own advantages depending on different types of learners. With the growing demand for accessible education, the trend is shifting towards online learning. As we desire to be the leading brand in educational and training services, we want to be able to conquer this area.


why we do it ?

We conduct assessments and evaulation of crews and officer for hiring, retention and promotion to ensure competency management of companies.

Who We Are

Revtra is a trailblazer in the innovation user of education technologies. As a training and learning center. Revtra takes a proactive role in shaping effective pedagogies for all types of leaners in conscientious adherence to the international and local standards.

Technology today plays a vital in bridging gaps in our education. Learning is no longer contrained in physical space but goes to expand to the virtual dimensions. The demand continues to grow as any industry grows more competitive. The maritime industry for instance, constantly requires maritime professionals to upgrade theirs skills and knowledge on technology and regulations. E-learning allows a hassle-free maritime certification in maritime.

  •   Audit & Assurance
  •   Business Services
  •   IT Control Solutions
  •   Audit & Assurance
  •   Business Services
  •   IT Control Solutions
Our Vision
REVTRA leads in optimizing physical and virtual learning environments to create a quality centered experience.

Our Mission
Generate content, service and technology that provides a highly flexible and effective learning for leaners not contrained by time and physical
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